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Because a stunning landscape starts with a smart design

From outdoor kitchens to walkways to athletic fields, our skilled landscaping professionals have a flair for designing imaginative, highly functional, memorable outdoor spaces that blend the technical demands of a sustainable design with natural elements to create an outcome that offers exceptional aesthetic appeal and unparalleled practical value.

At Land & Site Contractor Services, we believe that even the best designs can fall short of the customer’s expectations if it has been not been designed by a skilled, experienced, and creative craftsman. Therefore, we employ a team of experts who leverage on their skills and their ability to focus on the minutest details to come up with a solution that’s a perfect representation of your landscape vision.

Taking Your Landscaping Idea from Design to Implementation

At Land & Site Contractor Services, we understand that your landscape not only enhances the curb appeal of your property, but is also a reflection of your personality. Therefore, we use our creative insight and technical skills to design an aesthetically pleasing, functional, and eco-friendly landscape that truly reflects your style and taste.

Using our knowledge of critical construction elements and our ability to design landscapes that complement the surrounding natural beauty, we deliver an outcome that meets and exceeds your expectations of quality craftsmanship.

Here is how we turn barren grounds into creative & smart landscape designs in North East Ohio.

landscape site analysis

Step 1: Site Analysis

When you choose Land & Site to transform your landscaping dream into reality, we  identify aesthetic opportunities, recognize site-related challenges, and determine your lifestyle considerations. In addition to this, we also take into account the existing plantation, wind direction, shaded areas, and other factors to come up with a design that harnesses the surrounding natural beauty.

Apart from site-related considerations, we spend a significant amount of time developing an in-depth understanding of your landscaping idea and your budgetary considerations. This way, we are able to propose a solution that fulfills your precise expectations.

Step 2: Design Presentation

The information collected during the first stage of the process helps us design an initial proposal. The proposal includes several recommendations and solutions that are proposed keeping your needs and expectations under consideration.

We encourage you to provide valuable feedback on the proposal. Based on your comments and suggestions, we fine-tune the smaller details to finalize the landscape design. At this stage of the process, we provide you with a timeline for your landscaping project as well, so that you can monitor the progress and witness your vision turning into reality.

landscape design presentation

Step 3: Detailed Drawings and Construction

Once you accept the proposal, we start working on the more detailed technical drawings of your design that will help you visualize how your yard will look once the project has been completed.

After completing the paperwork, we assemble the materials and start the construction process to transform your yard into a stunning landscape.

Ready to Transform Your Outdoor Space
into a Beautiful, Thriving Landscape?

Only a skilled and experienced landscape professional can help you unleash the true beauty and full potential of your outdoor space and transform it into an unforgettable, inspiring landscape that has the power to stir imagination and evoke passion for natural beauty.

Let Land & Site Contractor Services help you make your home stand out with a beautiful, inviting landscape that will not only add to the financial value of your home, but will also offer you a pleasant, comfortable environment where you can spend time with your loved ones and make memories you can cherish for life.

To book an appointment with our landscaping experts or to know more about our landscape design services in Cleveland, call us TODAY at 440-552-1190.

Start designing your vision today.
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